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As the threat of war increased in the s, King consistently refused to declare Canadian policy beyond the assertion that "Parliament will decide.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

He was in close touch, behind the scenes, with Vice-Chancellor William Mulockfor whom the strike provided a chance to embarrass his rivals Chancellor Edward Blake and President James Loudon. Moreover, the western base of the party had been sapped by the rise of an agrarian party, the Progressives.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

After the defeat of the Union Government in the election ofKing became prime minister on December 29, although his party was just short of a majority in Parliament. Early in his second term, another corruption scandal, this time in the Department of Customs, was revealed, which led to more support for the Conservatives and Progressives, and the possibility that King would be forced to resign, if he lost sufficient support in the Commons.

His political longevity was due to his acute political sense and, sometimes, to his ruthlessness. In the prosperous years after the Liberal government provided a cautious administration which reduced the federal debt. He drew on four broad traditions in early North American planning: The Liberal party became deeply split, with most Anglophones joining in the pro-conscription Union government, a coalition controlled by the Conservatives under Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden.

His only alternative policy, however, was to reduce trade barriers. He thought that good would eventually triumph and Hitler would redeem his people and lead them to a harmonious, uplifting future. He maintained his connections with the Liberal Party, but during the war acted as a labour consultant and was employed by the Rockefeller Foundation.

During World War I King worked for the Rockefeller Foundation on labor research and served as an industrial counselor to the Rockefeller interests. The Liberal party became deeply split, with most Anglophones joining in the pro-conscription Union government, a coalition controlled by the Conservatives under Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden.

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During World War I the party had split over conscription mainly along English—French lines, and several leading Liberals had joined the Conservatives in a Union Government.

King led the effort to raise a memorial to Harper, which resulted in the erection of the Sir Galahad statue on Parliament Hill in He died a year and a half after leaving office.

King commented in his journal that "he is really one who truly loves his fellow-men, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good".

It encouraged debate on political ideas. See also Great Depression. But he was nearly 40 years old when the war began, and was not in good physical condition. It encouraged debate on political ideas. King insisted on Canadian autonomy in relations with the United Kingdom and contributed to the definition of Dominion status at the Imperial Conference; according to the resultant Balfour ReportBritish dominions were defined as autonomous and equal members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

He set out to regain the confidence of the farmers in Ontario and western Canada who had supported the new Progressive Partybut his reductions in tariffs and freight rates were not enough, and after the election the Liberals could stay in office only with Progressive support.

In November, King abruptly agreed to send some of the home-defence forces to Europe, a decision grudgingly accepted by French Canadians. King, while writing Industry and Humanity, King was not a pacifist, but he showed little enthusiasm for the Great War ; he faced criticism for not serving in Canada's military and instead working for the Rockefellers.

King could not speak French and had minimal interest in Quebec, but in election after election for the next 20 years save forLapointe produced the critical seats to give the Liberals control of the Commons.

Francophones insisted on neutrality, as did some top advisers like Oscar D. I doubt if it will be of any real use again. King did not believe at first that the Depression would seriously affect Canada, and refused to provide federal funding to provinces struggling with unemployment.

Though he gave the impression of sympathy with progressive and liberal causes, he had no enthusiasm for the New Deal of American President Franklin D. Under King's leadership Canada moved into a new era of closer relations with the United Statesnotably during World War IIwhen the Ogdensburg Agreement ofestablishing the Permanent Joint Board on Defence, was followed by the Hyde Park Agreement ofto promote cooperation between the two countries in defense production.

In contrast, the Conservatives under R. King was defeated in the federal election and the conscription election. Instead of resigning, King met with Parliament, where, with the support of Progressive and Independent members, his government won a vote of confidence.

He emphasized that capital and labour were natural allies, not foes, and that the community at large represented by the government should be the third and decisive party in industrial disputes.

W.L. Mackenzie King

His views on industrial relations were expounded vaguely and verbosely in Industry and Humanity Indeed, he came close to writing off the region with his comment that the prairie dust bowl was "part of the U. He was among the first Canadian politicians to show an active interest in the workers in industry.

In the Liberal Party campaigned on the slogan "King or Chaos," and was returned to office with a comfortable majority. InMackenzie King was elected Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was elected as the member of parliament for Prince, PEI in a by-election in In the next general election inMackenzie King was elected in the riding of North York in Ontario.

Mackenzie King was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada in William Lyon Mackenzie King. William Lyon Mackenzie King () was prime minister of Canada for more than 21 years, a longer period in office than any other first minister in the history of countries in the British Commonwealth.

On Dec. 17,W. L.

William Lyon Mackenzie King Quotes

Mackenzie King was born at Berlin (later Kitchener), Ontario. William Lyon Mackenzie King, John English, John O. Stubbs (). “Mackenzie King: Widening the Debate” 36 Copy quote.

The politician's promises of yesterday are the taxes of today. William Lyon Mackenzie King.

W.L. Mackenzie King

Keeping Promises, Yesterday, Political. 28 Copy quote. View the profiles of people named William Mackenzie King. Join Facebook to connect with William Mackenzie King and others you may know. Facebook gives. Mackenzie King, as he is usually called, was the son of John King and Isabel Grace Mackenzie, daughter of William Lyon Mackenzie, a leader of the Rebellion of aimed at establishing independent self-government in Upper Canada.

Mackenzie King was Prime Minister of Canada off and on for a total of 22 years. A compromiser and conciliator, Mackenzie King was mild-mannered and had a bland public personality. The private personality of Mackenzie King was more exotic, as .

William mackenzie king
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