Primitive art

At Jennefurther north in Mali, archaeologists followed unfortunately by thieves have recently unearthed superb terracottas of the same period.

Primitive society as a type of society from which civilization developed was described by Redfieldpp. Particularly vigorous, in artistic terms, are the products of New Guinea and of the groups of islands lying to the southeast of it, including New Ireland, the Solomon Islands, New Hebrides and New Caledonia.

In comparison, "primitive" art seemed more spontaneous, more honest and more emotionally charged. The statue of an ancestor or of a deity under African conditions of light, and intended to remain always in the gloom of a shrine or temple, cannot be expected to produce the same effect when it has been removed from its original surroundings and displayed in a glass cabinet in a European room.

But by a certain combination of patterns, however common the individual elements may be, the artist produces a specific style of marked national colouring which makes it possible for us to ascribe a decorated object to a certain people and often to a certain period.

Even after a very complicated preparatory process the surface is still so rough that outlines must first be pressed into the ground before the drawing proper can be carried out, and the drawing must be repeated several times to press the pigment thoroughly into the hide.


Non-euclidean perspective and tribal art fascinated Western artists who saw in them the still-enchanted portrayal of the spirit world. This object actually had an amazing resemblance to a bull, but it proved on closer inspection to be a natural formation, and the resemblance was purely accidental.

At all events, naive art can be regarded as having occupied an "official" position in the annals of twentieth-century art since - at the very latest - the publication of the Der Blaue Reiter, an almanac in Previous ethnocentric studies have warped our view of primitive art, so that its concepts and forms always seem to be exotic variations on our own art.

Studies of the sociocultural contexts of specific art objects, forms, and styles should focus carefully upon the art as part of a larger system. It is paradoxically a sophisticated kind of primitiveness.

A result of this, new schools of visual art arose that aspired to hitherto unprecedented levels of historical fidelity in setting and costumes. The two figures on the right are the beginnings of Picasso's African-inspired period. Other light and shade effects may appear and they may be no less attractive, but they are not original and they add a foreign note to the statue.

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Intellectual realism of this sort cannot claim to be either naive or simple. The group was Marxist in orientation and was partly modelled on " Neue Sachlichkeit ", [18] leading to more stylized forms, and the emergence of Naive painting.

His ingredients may be limited to the parts of the body, but he constantly reassembles them in new dimensions and relationships.

Primitive art

Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, who brought out the almanac, presented 6 reproductions of paintings by le Douanier' Rousseau Henri Rousseaucomparing them with other pictorial examples. If we speak of a naturalistic painting we mean that it is true to the optical impression of the model as observed at a given moment from a given angle.

Primitive Art

The characteristic sculpture of Africawhich forms the largest part of what is usually considered primitive art, can be seen as early as BC in the Nok culture - named from the village in Nigeria where pottery figures of this kind were first found.

Even in painting, the colour pigments from minerals, vegetables and even animals are in many cases similar. It is evident from the quarry on Rano-raraku that the figures are carved in the round from the rock face, and are not cut loose until nearly complete.

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Click here to see details. The correct answer is C. Non western cultures. The goal of such artists is to implement elements from periods such as the prehistoric period or from tribal villages and 5/5(5). Naïve art is any form of visual art that is created by a person who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes (in anatomy, art history, technique, "Primitive art" is another term often applied to .

Primitive art
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